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The Perfect PVC Printing Software for E-Shram Cards


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All our sofwares are designed by keeping one thing in mind, which is, maximizing the productivity of our end users.

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Our solutions are made with advanced technologies and tailor made algorithms. They're designed to deliver quick results.

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We believe that a penny saved is a penny made. Our team ensure that our solutions deliver accurate results, helping our customers save wastage and money.


Ministry of Labour & Employment is constructing a new database for all of India's unorganized
workers, which they have decided to name e-SHRAM . This database will be managed through
Aadhaar and will have details on names, occupations, addresses, educational qualifications, family
trees and skill types of all these workers so that it can become a crosswalk for the social security
services that the government provides. In addition to its primary use for serving these social security
services, the e-SHRAM system also has great potential in helping construction and gig/platform/gig
economy workers and migrant and other traveling workers and their families.

The government has come up with many schemes to help the unorganized sector specifically
because so many of them are being underserved. There are not enough people around that know
about these benefits, unfortunately. You can visit the website for more
information on e shram card gov in and benefits of E Shram portal registration .

Financial Support
Social Security Scheme Benefits
More Job Opportunity
Premium wave for 1 Year
Bhima Yojana Insurance Cover
Track Migrant Labourers workforce.

PVC cards are easy to carry, easy to store and can be used with ID card lanyard and such other

Our software helps you eliminate the hassles of manually converting a PDF into an ATM sized PVC
card, It helps you automate the whole process of converting PDFs into PVC cards. Our software
reads and scrapes the PDFs provided by e-SHRAM portal, it then converts the information into an
ATM sized card. 
Our software also provide the support of almost all the printers available in the market including
Evolis, Datacard, MagicCard, HID fargo, Zebra, Etc.

Please click this link to watch video of
how to use our software.

Software Tutorial

Watch how to use our software and start printing PVC cards effortlessly.


I'm delighted to mention that team BarPrint has one the best support teams. They resolve your queries as quick as they happen. I've happily been using their products and services at all of my 5 CSCs. Kudos to team BarPrint!

BarPrint के PVC सॉफ्टवेयर मै अपने 8 Centers पर पिछले 1.5 साल से ज्यादा समय से इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूँ। यह कंपनी दुनिआ की बेस्ट सपोर्ट टीम से लेस है, मैं BarPrint की सर्विसेस से बेहद संतुस्ट एवं खुश हूँ।

मैं एक डीलर हूँ और मेरे पास India के लगभग हर स्टेट के क्लाइंट्स हैं। इस कंपनी के सॉफ्टवेयर इस्तेमाल में बेहद आसान हैं और यही बात इस कंपनी को खास और इनके प्रोडक्ट्स को customers की पहली choice बनाती है।

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